When a family enquires about enrolling child/ren at New Plymouth Adventist Christian School, we have to meet contractual arrangements under the respective integration agreements. We are to adhere to the maximum roll approved by the M.O.E of 50 spaces, as specified in the integration agreement for the school. Currently, our roll is full with 50 students enrolled. We have a lengthy waiting list for 2020 and students on our wait list ‘til 2022.

When the school is about to reach maximum roll the following priority
criteria shall apply:

1. siblings of current students at ‘Footsteps Preschool;’
2. siblings of former students at ‘Footsteps Preschool;’
3. children from ‘Footsteps Preschool;’
4. siblings of current students;
5. siblings of former students;
6. children of former students;
7. children of board employees;
8. children of board members or board of proprietors;
9. children of clergy who regularly contribute to services at the school;
- children of parents promised enrolment prior to maximum capacity;
- If there are more applicants in any one priority grouping than places available, places may be allocated by ballot.

If the total number of applications is greater than the number of places available, unsuccessful applicants will have their names recorded on a waiting list, within their relevant priority category. Students on the waiting list may be offered places at a later date if places become available.


Download the enrolment form and return to the School's Office or to the email: office@npsda.school.nz


Wait to be contacted from the Principal to discuss the availability of enrolling at NPACS.


Pay the required fees and read up about the school, the uniform and stationary required before commecning.

Contact Us

Tel: 06 7535495

Email: office@npsda.school.nz


41 Saxton Road, RD1

New Plymouth