Our Learning 

At New Plymouth Adventist Christian School we believe that learning should be authentic, purposeful and engaging. It should be relatable, meaningful and clear.


As teachers, we are continually engaging in professional development to ensure learning is at the highest and most efficient standard possible. Our goal is to develop and encourage a love for life long learning.

We prioritise reading, specifically oral language, within our learning. Literacy is the foundation for all other learning areas to successfully take place.



'What you read, you can write and what you write, you can read.'

We integrate both reading and writing within authentic contexts, ensuring that language features and different text forms are taught. 

We believe in fostering a love for creativity and imagination and therefore ensure that creative writing, and reading for enjoyment, takes place on a regular basis. 



We use both the Numeracy Project, alongside the Numeracy program PR1ME, to teach mathematics. We know that understanding place value lays the foundation for solid mathematical understanding. However, algorithms and problem-solving models are also essential skills required to succeed in Numeracy.


Numeracy is a very oral learning area, and we encourage risk-taking, justifying and explaining thinking out loud.

Science & Social Sciences


Social Studies, Science and Technology are all areas that are taught within authentic contexts and for a purpose. We teach based on contexts that are meaningful and engaging to our learners. Often learning in these areas are integrated within Literacy, making for a richer learning experience. 

The Arts

The Arts come in many forms. Visual, Drama and Music are key curriculum areas that we embrace and provide multiple learning opportunities within.

Not only do we foster creativity, but we also teach techniques, and specific skills. 

The Arts are also naturally woven into our learning programme, and always have a purpose.   




Fitness and a healthy lifestyle greatly contributes to the ability to focus, pay attention and to learn. We strive to provide a regular fitness routine within our learning programme. 

Throughout the year, different sports, games and skill based learning is offered at NPACS. 

Physical Education not only develops skills and fitness, but it also teaches teamwork, resilience and perseverance. 


Learning through natural settings have huge benefits for the wellbeing of a developing child. We are wanting to take environmental action, where our young people are empowered to design and take part in sustainability projects. As part of our learning program, we are committed to providing regular opportunities for students to engage with nature.


The Special Character of our School permeates within all other learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

We seek to 'Educate for Eternity.' We have bible classes everyday, where we use the bible to educate our learners about Jesus and who he is.